Souvenir design

The souvenir sector is constantly evolving. And next to the flamenco doll, time to time new ideas appear that become a trend, while so many others fall into oblivion. It is a fluctuating market, full of life, where emotionality has an important role.

When we acquire a souvenir, in principle it is because we want to keep a small memory of where we were. It is a modest piece of culture “of walking at home”, affordable, that every morning we will see it on the shelf of a kitchen, for years.

My task is to create beautiful, attractive, in which I take care of every detail as if it were crafts.  I combine creativity with rigor, to achieve a good product, colorful, fresh, and especially with good finishes, “Made in Spain”. The competition is strong, so you have to try to get the design to draw attention within the motley showcase of the souvenir.

I have experience working as a souvenir designer for numerous clients in Spain and Europe since 2010, so do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you very much