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LuxcanDax (France). For this drawing for the region of the Landes (Les Landes), of the southwest of France, the typical shepherds on stilts had to be necessarily placed, with a herd of native sheep, and some typical Landes house (similar to the Basque hamlets). It was also important to highlight the green landscape and forests of maritime pines, as the region has the most extensive natural park of these maritime pines in Europe.  The current inhabitants, who once lived almost exclusively from grazing in a semi-swampy area (hence the stilts), currently live from tourism and the exploitation of the forest, as a result of the French government carrying out an important forested repopulation from the last century. The drawing is based on several photos obtained, among others, from the Ecomuseum of Le Grande Lande, from Sabers.



Luciano Pavarotti por Cristina Figueroa

Luciano Pavarotti



Spanish Soccer Team Stamps, from 1970 to 2010

The misty forest Barbosa (Colombia)

Thoughtful Basset

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