The misty forest Barbosa (Colombia)

Técnica usada en este trabajo

Pen drawing


Landscape for the tourist guide `Colombia´, by Ediciones Límite de Comunicación (Madrid). Series of ballpoint illustrations about natural parks and protected areas in Colombia, in this case the Barbosa mist forest. A foggy forest is a natural space of tropical or subtropical mountainous areas, with very humid and foggy weather all year round. In this case, a technique such as pen drawing can perfectly express the tremendously subtle tones of fog, and the infinite greenish colors of subtropical vegetation

Pen drawing



Galician granary

Ilustración Rua del Villar Cristina Figueroa

Rua del Villar (Santiago de Compostela)

Río Magdalena en Mompox por Cristina Figueroa

The Magdalena River in Mompox (Colombia)

Frida Kalho por Cristina Figueroa

Frida Kalho

Cante Jondo

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